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Personalized private tutoring for success
We guarantee you’ll find the right tutor, or we’ll cover the first FIVE days. If you cancel, you don't pay anything!


Our monthly plans

are perfect for first-time customers who want to give us a try and see if we're the right fit. We aim to build trust and show you the quality of our tutoring services.


Our single classes start at $39.99 each, but savvy learners can enjoy rates as low as $18.99 per class with a subscription.

Once you're settled and confident in our platform,

Our long-term plans are designed for those who have found their perfect tutor and wish to continue with consistent, reliable, and expert tutoring.


At Positive Tutors, we value consistency and commitment. Our customers often stay with us long-term, benefiting from regular schedules and a strong support system throughout their learning journey. Join us and discover how fun and engaging learning can be!

Why positive tutors

We are committed to giving children the power to achieve excellence in school and in life.

Homework Help

As a part of your child's customized program, we can set aside time to go over their homework each session. We will identify gaps in knowledge and help them learn the material. They'll understand the subject matter and be able to work out their own assignment.

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Our Instructors

Our instructors are essential to unlocking your child’s academic potential. We use innovative, research-based instruction and provide a personalized learning path that builds upon their prior learning and interests, tackling new skills at the right pace.

PositiveTutors are driven individuals with a passion for bringing out the best in each and every student. They have extensive experience, are able to plan lessons according to the needs of every student, and have clear targets in students learning process.


Providing you with results that meet or exceed your expectations is our achievement benchmark. We are committed to working with you to provide you with the best customer service experience possible.


With our unique approach, we teach children to become independent learners, who build confidence and de-fuse frustration, achieve their goals for grades and test scores, get into the schools and careers of choice and have fun while learning.

Online Class

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single-class pricing for non-plan holders

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Ingrid from San Francisco, CA

Finding a well-experienced and licensed tutor is incredibly expensive for my family. It was quite unbelievable how affordable Positive Tutors is considering the quality of their tutors and their service. My daughter's reading skills have improved two-folds in just 3 months. Huge thanks to Positive Tutors!

Diana from Tempe, AZ

At first, I was hesitant to put my son in an online platform. Good thing that  Positive Tutors had trials for first-timers like me. The flexibility of schedule and incredible tutors made me decide to keep getting help for my son's Math school work for the last 2 years. 

Ricardo from Las Vegas, NV

Positive Tutors has been a great help to my little sister. She started off in third grade with a very low reading level but thanks to Positive Tutors she has increased her reading level drastically now in the fourth grade. A huge shoutout to Tutor Danika and Tutor Erli for being a huge part of her academic journey!

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in Phoenix, AZ & San Ramon, CA!

Now offering in-home tutoring in Phoenix, AZ & San Ramon, CA! Inquire today!

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